About Us

We are a group of distributors who have been in the world of sales and multilevel marketing for many years.

We have been very successful working in several companies, and have also been repeatedly disappointed of how companies play with our intelligence and livelihood by changing their payment plans and effectiveness of their products.

This is always done to benefit their interest, while quickly forgetting about the distributors who have exalted them into better economic status.  Cryptonaire ICO Services (CIS), is now embarking on the largest and most important commitment of our lives, and with the help of people who have been, and that will be in the MLM industry. We will contribute to helping many people to keep believing in the beauty of being in a position to, finally, obtain their financial freedom.  .



Our Mission is to transform the lives of people with high quality crypto learning products and at the same time provide a business opportunity to help families and individuals develop economic freedom in all aspects of their lives.

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