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Imagine, if you will....multiple sums of pure cash deposits swelling your PayPal Account each and every second of the day? 


Well, imagine no longer! It is a now a true and tangible reality. Fasten your seat belt, because you`re about to embark upon a rocket soaring to heights of untold financial security.  Cryptonaire ICO Services (CIS) is a business model on the verge of changing the narrative for millions around the world whom have tried their hand in affiliate-marketing and as a result, have failed.  If you are one such individual or new to this paradigm for generating and earning revenue, then nothing you`ve ever done before this will ever have the positively life-altering effect on your present and future financial growth to wealth, like becoming a member with us here at CIS. A high-caliber lifestyle and a highly-rated quality of life await you and are all at your fingertips, simply by following a few simple steps.


CIS has leveled the playing-field in affiliate marketing, so that the average person can succeed in this new era of internet marketing and cryptocurrencies. Invariably, the average person that joins CIS will be in a position to readily take advantage of owning our products and services. By participating in our fail-proof, and, above all, incredibly affordable crowdfund with no out-of-the-pocket expense, you`ll be thereby enabled to partake in the latest and most phenomenal economic explosion of cryptocurrency supported by an iron-clad Blockchain technology. A one-time membership fee less than a typical order at Starbucks is all that stands in your way.


CIS is gearing-up to become the preimminent and indomitable super-competitor in this Initial Coin Offering (ICO) era of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We are making pure history in our time with a commodity already deemed a security by the SEC and now backed by gold concessions! We employ a grass roots crowd-funding approach in order to create opportunities that are readily available to the average person with no organizational experience or knowledge of this new economy taking the world by storm! Simply put, most people would love to make money online, and we offer three exceptional plans for helping our members take full advantage of our Membership Plan.


By sponsoring a `minimum requirement` of only 4 people at such a low one-time membership fee of $10.00, our remarkable start-up Compensation (Comp ) Plan can earn you over Two-hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) in a very short period of time. With the investment of a little more effort and time, the process of duplication can swiftly drive the performance for a very simple team-build. At this particular juncture, it is exclusively up to each individual whether or not they`d want to continue sponsoring members in order to increase frequency to build wealth, either moderately or quicker than most.  Just by taking full advantage of our Cryptonaire 4x4 Forced Matrix from the start of your membership, the benefits will far out-pace and out-weigh any past experiences that you`ve had in affiliate-marketing. This New Age of Internet Marketing and Cryptocurrencies is the new face of digital marketing for the 21st century. This is the new age and the Euriccoin ICO is the new face. With a vision towards creating a lifestyle of sheer financial stability and security, get on the rocket and take-off with us here at CIS on to solid, unbridled growth potential! 


Cryptonaire ICO Services is a next-generation business-to-business model for the upcoming economy exploring new technology in our fast-changing digital world, where goods and services can be purchased within seconds. Once CIS has been listed on the digital currencies index, our cryptonaire members will be able to buy, sell, and trade our Euriccoin`s with other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, IOTA, Ethereum, and Litcoin, to name a few. Being able to trade on an open market in real-time is the Internet-of-Things that will continue expanding the need for interoperability and sharing of resources and services. Another exciting factor about CIS is that we enable our members to align with companies, exploring new business-to-business models in blockchain technology, …. ours, particularly, being the focus of agriculture and other green sustainability models. Like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, CIS will also be backed by a growing and booming industry supported by blockchains. CIS will be around for years to come, because we are a part of the rapidly-changing economy that will soon make our world a paperless cash society. Money or fiat as we know it hasn`t been backed by a real commodity since 1933 (as it once was when it was formerly backed by gold, prior to 1933). Blockchain technology is and will be the gold standard of our upcoming monetary system.


Cryptonaire ICO Services model for crowd-funding is communicatory in that, we simply have one request of our members:  that is to help us get word out to your friends and family or any prospects with whom you`d like to share our wealth-building model. Our model is specifically designed for any driven man or woman having a strong desire and discipline to learn and to continue their education within this mutable realm of finance due to it`s information always being in flux. Our model is beginner/user friendly. By utilizing our CIS Economy, another added value to our members, the inexperienced marketer to the experienced marketer can profit by direct-selling our quality cryptographic/Bitcoin/Blockchain e-books, businesses, and services to friends, family, or any prospects invested in the process. Alternatively, you can simply use these same e-books, businesses, and services for growing your own business. Our very simplistic duplication method offers the platform, tools, and resources to empower oneself to become true competitors in traditional methods of commerce and in the sharing economies such as Uber and Airbnb`s that enable average individual`s to profit by sharing something that they own. Increase your financial stability at no expense to you, while at the same time benefiting from having the flexibility and convenience to work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. We also offer team support and training on how to market, use, and scale our business plan to make it fit into your current lifestyle. 


We provide a platform called The CIS Economy, which offers experience to the inexperienced business owners on how to profit by marketing and by direct selling of e-books, goods and services. Businesses will have access to a network of customers and those customers will have access to products at a discount. Say “good-bye” to the antedated rigors and inconveniences of the retail industry, as the sharing economy model for blockchain technological services is, currently and positively disrupting the global economy as we know it. CIS is re-terraforming the terrain of world commerce, one individual at a time. With CIS, whether you are an employee or self-employed, the amount of energy and time required for earning revenue means you are plugged into an economy at this current time that is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Even driving for Uber and operating your own Airbnb will begin to seem like a thing of the past in consideration of the total financial independence that being a member CIS will provide. CIS can be your own business and right now you can own it at the launch stages of our venture before it (the Euriccoin) is listed on the coin index. Your one-time out-of-pocket cost to do business with us is unlike any other affiliate marketing business program. These other affiliate marketing business programs require you to have to buy-in by purchasing a product or service. CIS is a full-fledged game-changer for millions that have previously wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to invest in their own online business. The Cryptonaire 4X4 Matrix System turns these antedated capitol-generating scenarios upside down, sure to make these same previous scenarios effectively irrelevant.


BECOME A MEMBER NOW! The level of urgency has never been greater in view of our impending ICO just weeks away You can get started today by paying your one-time out-of-pocket $10.00 membership fee, plus be gifted Euriccoin`s as a "thank you" for enrolling in our program and for sharing it with family, friends, and other prospects.


Cryptocurrency ATMs are already in use all over America and abroad and will be as ubiquitous as the conventional ATMs we all presently use! The Euriccoin ICO is an emerging cryptocurrency of affordable aquisition as distinguished from the Bitcoin and others that include Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Golem, Monero and Zcashand that have already gone public but can tend to have a coin value too costly for the average person. In the very near future, we expect our company CIS to also become a household name just like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, invested with a coin as popular as Bitcoin, itself! Everyone that was invited to sit at the table while either one of these companies were still meeting behind closed-doors, have now amassed great wealth to the sound of millions and even billions literally overnight. If you or I had invested $100.00 in Bitcoin in 2010, we would literally be sitting on at an exact calculation of $75 million dollars today, free and clear!


Opportunities like this may only come around once in a life-time! Seize this opportunity while you can!


Start earning today by utilizing our CIS platform to give yourself the opportunity to earn passive full-time income while also being gifted the next-generation of cryptocurrency which is taking center stage - THE EURICCOIN. 


The 4X4 Matrix System Pros (Advantages)

Basically, there are 12 levels to our program, and at each level you can purchase a product that we offer. You can then use the products, services, and most importantly, you can sell your products to others for 100% commission. The very first level/product cost is $10.00, and any high school graduate can quickly gain skills and confidence, as it becomes apparent that they too can become a seasoned internet entrepreneur. Once you join through a link which is a sponsored link belonging to the individual that introduced you to CIS, your Internet marketing training can then begin.

The Cryptonaire 4X4 Forced Matrix System

Every Member`s referral into CIS becomes a new business partner/team member within their immediate downline. The 4x4 Forced Matrix System can rapidly increase depending on the extent of effort and time you dedicate to your own new business. This permits spillover at the same time that each newly-enrolled member of yours joins and is , thereby, also expected to fulfil the minimum requirement to enroll 4  new members of their own. This duplication process explains why we refer to our system as a “4X4 forced matrix”. As each member remains focused on a common goal for their own success and financial independence, everyone in the matrix benefits by the effort of every individual within the matrix doing their part. 

4X4 Matrix Compensation Plan Basics


1. Purchase Your $10.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $40.00 on LEVEL 1 for “4” $10.00 direct digital sales

2. Purchase Your $20.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $160.00 on LEVEL 2 for “16” $10.00 direct digital sales

3. Purchase Your $40.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $2560.00 on LEVEL 3 for “64” $10.00 direct digital sales

4. Purchase Your $60.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $15,380.00 on LEVEL 4 for “256” $10.00 direct digital sales



1. Purchase Your $80.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $320.00 on LEVEL 5 for “4” $80.00 direct digital sales

2. Purchase your $160.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $2,560.00 on LEVEL 6 for “6” $160.00 direct digital sales

3. Purchase Your $320.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $20,480.00 on LEVEL 7 for “64” $320.00 direct digital sales

4. Purchase Your $640.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $163,840.00 on LEVEL 8 for “256” $6,40.00 direct digital sales



1. Purchase Your $1280.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $4,960.00 on LEVEL 9 for “4” $1,280.00 direct digital sales

2. Purchase Your $2560.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $51,200.00 on LEVEL 10 for “16” $2,560.00 direct digital sales

3. Purchase Your $5120.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $327,680.00 on LEVEL 11 for “64” $5,120.00 direct digital sales

4. Purchase Your $10,240.00 Digital Product – Earn up to $2,621,440.00 on LEVEL 12 for “256” $10, 240.00 direct digital sales


In the 4X4 Forced Matrix System - $3,210,620.00

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